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Landlords & Occupiers

We help landlords and occupiers manage their service charges across portfolios. Whether asking for a service charge to be paid as a landlord or paying towards a service charge as an occupier, it is essential that the amounts are correct. With on-going advice throughout the service charge year including the budget setting/validation process, the quarterly on-account demand cycle and the certification of costs at year end, we assist either landlords or occupiers to navigate their way through the entire process.

For Landlords

Service charges are often contentious, lack transparency, and are not presented in a way that satisfies occupier’s needs or enhances relationship.

We can assist managing agents in ensuring their service charge process is effective and their management and accounting are in line with the RICS Code of Practice on Commercial Service Charges.

For Occupiers

Service Charges are a controllable cost that can be managed provided there is an efficient process of review throughout the accounting period. This can ensure costs incurred are aligned to operational needs.

We offer bespoke systems and qualified management processes to achieve this.

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