A Bellrock Group Company

Providing expert analysis and sound advice in complex service charge situations.

Landlords & Occupiers

Our consultants offer a range of expertise which can be used to analyse any situation referred to us by our client.

Any service charge issue, however complex, can be broken down into component parts in order to find a solution for the whole.


Service charges comprise a complex range of issues set against the backdrop of lease compliance.

Examples of issues we can assist with include:
– Setting up service charge frameworks
– Carrying out security risk assessments
– Assessing the recoverability of items of major works during redevelopment
– Assisting with pre-acquisition due-diligence

Effective consultancy avoids time consuming disputes, maximises cost recovery and can lead to improved tenant retention.


Our process of technical investigations ensures that occupiers only pay for what their lease requires. In addition, through engagement with landlords and their agents, improved management practice and reporting can be achieved.

Often our processes reveal cost issues not only in a current year but also in prior years and during the residual term to lease expiry.

We can assist with dilapidations negotiations, security risk assessments, pre-let due-diligence reviews and other services which call for service charges expertise.

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