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Reducing future risks to you, as an occupier or landlord, of incorrectly managed service charges.

Landlords & Occupiers

Whether you are a landlord or an occupier of office or retail space, service charges need to be managed transparently and correctly. Having regard to relevant lease provisions, key service contract terms, accounting procedures and compliance with best practice we audit your service charges in order to ensure they are correct.


A forensic examination of all contracts, costs and accounting practices to ensure that they are lease compliant, correctly apportioned and represent best practice.

This will mitigate the risk of issues being uncovered in present or past service charge accounts.


A forensically technical process to ensure service charge costs charged by landlords have been properly incurred, correctly apportioned, are lease compliant and represent value for money.

This process will ensure that sums demanded are correct and do not comprise inappropriate prior year adjustments or advance collections.

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